Today we have preserved over 6000 acres...

The mission of the the Future Fund is to protect the Floyds Fork waterway.  Our goal to preserve 10,000 acres to provide a safe space between development and Floyds Fork.  We also partner with The Parklands of Floyds Fork by providing easements on some of the land for your recreational enjoyment.  With your help we can reach our goal to provide you and Mother Nature the space you both deserve.

This map shows the existing parks of The Parklands of Floyds Fork that the Future Fund has partnered with to provide land and easements for recreational space. These include, on the left of the map:

Beckley Creek

Pope Lick

Turkey Run

Broad Run

The highlighted areas on the right are the areas of interest for the Future Fund to purchase to help preserve Floyds Fork.  There will be a heavy focus on fundraising to acquire these lands.  To donate, click here.

Future Fund, Inc. 1357 Bardstown Road. Louisville, KY 40204

email: futurefundlandtrust@gmail.com   ph: 502-383-9911

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