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The Future Fund was founded by Dr. Stephen L. Henry, former County Commissioner and Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, who established the fund in 1993 to save Floyds Fork and create a new generation of Olmstead parks.    Along with help from philanthropist, Mary Bingham, the trust was established with the goals of providing a 10,000 acre conservation overlay to protect the Floyds Fork Watershed from encroachment.


Floyds Fork is one of the last remaining natural streams in Jefferson County.  Dr. Henry also serves as a founding board member of 21st Century Parks which oversees The Parklands.  The Future Fund Land Trust consists of 8 board members who assist in overseeing the process of purchasing land for conservation, agriculture, and historic preservation.  The Future Fund owns over 4000 acres of land along the watershed.

Through activism we want to protect the water quality, wild life habitat, natural ecology and historic landmarks.




Steve Henry working with Mayor Jerry Abramson to create the City of Parks.
Stephen L. Henry, M.D., Founder & President
Rita Stosberg, Vice President
Tommy Clark, Secretary
Greg Schell, Treasurer
Janet Day, M.D.
Dee St. Lawrence
David Wicks
Dudley Wetherby
Mary Bingham
Future Fund buys more land for park system.
Future Fund Land Trust Board Members
Mary Bingham played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Future Fund Land Trust.
Future Fund buys more land for park system.
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